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Making the impossible – possible! 

We are motivated to find out what you expect and we’ll try to meet those expectations – starting by supporting you at formulating your perfect concept for the special you deserve. We are specialized in realizing your needs – Tyrol, Las Vegas or Dubai – when it comes to our specials, there are no boarders or limitations.

Your vision is our mission – Let’s make it possible
We’re looking forward to your challenging request!

Inhouse Team Empowerment & Motivation

We join your company inhouse and design exciting, engaging, and educational Cooperation Empowerment Sessions for all team members on an hourly basis. Through playful experience learning, we create many ‘aha’ moments, demonstrate the human potential in each employee and the value of active, appreciative collaboration.

In sessions of approximately 45-50 minutes, we motivate up to 20 people each, allowing us to motivate up to 160 participants for a lively and valuable collaboration in one workday (8 x 20). We are happy to incorporate current internal messages, as well as the story and values of your company into the program. Through various versions of this program, this valuable intervention can accompany your team on a quarterly or semi-annual basis as ongoing experiential learning and positive stimulation.

Schedule for motivational sessions

We prepare a storytelling tailored to your company and employees, and stage the 45-minute session in a way that engages everyone through playful activities. We then highlight the valuable human diversity within the company, emphasizing the different skills, qualities, and personality traits of each team member.
This creates a wonderful foundation for valuable collaboration, as each team member’s uniqueness is recognized and celebrated. We structure the various playful yet challenging tasks in a way that fosters joyful interaction within the 45 minutes, allowing participants to observe and reconsider their typical behavioral patterns and recognize potential. Throughout all activities, we work together to extract key learnings that are easily transferable to the workplace.
This valuable one-hour intervention (including travel time to and from the workplace) not only serves as an excellent energy booster for the workday but also positively influences the work environment, enhances employee potential, and contributes effectively to your corporate branding as an appreciative company.

Budget € 4.500,- plus VAT for up to 160 persons
The price per participant is approx. € 28,- net

Included is a preparatory meeting, a tour of the location, recording of the internal situation and development of the storyline as well as the implementation on site at the company.

Afterwork Teambuilding

We offer the perfect team action after work in Innsbruck! Our Afterwork Teambuilding Program strengthens teamwork and provides you with the ideal opportunity to do something together after a long day at work and improve your team dynamics.

Around 5:00 pm, the 2.5-hour entertaining and laid-back teambuilding session kicks off in the heart of Innsbruck, where you will elevate your team dynamics to the next level through various team exercises. Get to know each other better in a relaxed environment and grow closer as a team.

After the action-packed program, we head to a trendy restaurant in downtown Innsbruck for a shared dinner at around 7:30 pm. Here, you can unwind and discuss the highlights of the afternoon in a casual setting.

Our Afterwork Teambuilding Program is suitable for groups of 10 people or more, offering an ideal way to strengthen your team and unleash new energies. It ensures unforgettable team experiences filled with fun and good vibes!

Interested? Contact us for more information and bookings!

Team Workshops

Do you want to bring out the best in your team and take collaboration to the next level? Then our team workshops are just what you need! With our interactive and customized workshops, we offer the entire team a unique opportunity to enhance their skills and grow together.

Our workshops promote communication within the team, as targeted exercises and activities break down barriers and team members learn to communicate more effectively with each other. This leads to better collaboration and a more harmonious work environment. Additionally, our workshops strengthen team spirit, as shared challenges and team-building activities build trust and foster a sense of unity. The team learns to support each other and work together to find solutions. Furthermore, our workshops provide an opportunity to learn new skills and further develop existing competencies. From conflict resolution techniques to effective time management – our experienced trainers provide practical tools and strategies that can be immediately applied in the professional setting. Together, we will unleash your potential and support you in achieving your goals. 

Invest in your team and benefit from the advantages of our workshops!

Team Workation

Take advantage of a team workation and increase your team’s productivity and cohesion! Our Team workation packages offer you the perfect opportunity to bring all your employees together in an inspiring environment and work on your business goals at the same time.

This gives you the opportunity to get creative and release new energies away from your usual working environment. Our carefully selected venues not only offer a breathtaking backdrop, but also modern facilities and spaces that are specially tailored to the needs of team workshops. From spacious conference rooms to cozy common areas, we offer everything you need for a successful teamwork session.

In addition, we also design recreational activities and team building activities for you around your team workation packages, which strengthen cohesion and promote trust among each other. Whether it’s outdoor adventures or team games, your employees will have the opportunity to get to know each other better and grow closer together as a team.

We will be happy to help you choose the right location, accommodation and organize the program.

Good Mood Bike

LAURA – our Good Mood Bike – arrives as the workday comes to an end. We bring you a delightful after-work drink, complete with musical entertainment and a relaxed team-building experience, right to your company. Enhance the atmosphere in a playful and sustainable manner, ensuring a positive conclusion to the workday.”

A Teambuilding Event with LAURA is perfect for supporting new teams in getting to know each other and individual employees during the onboarding process. With our Good Mood Bike, you can also spread life and good vibes within the team. As with LAURA, we not only bring you a wonderful after-work drink and musical entertainment, but also create a relaxed atmosphere for effective team building. Whether it’s at your company premises or in a nearby park – wherever you prefer. Our event includes relaxation, having a great time, and engaging activities, as well as the opportunity to bring your team closer together and strengthen communication.

LAURA can be booked for half or full-day unforgettable team building experiences around Innsbruck. Contact us via email or phone to make a reservation.

Teamday Deluxe

Let your dreams come true – we’ll thoroughly spoil you during this individualized team event including luxury flair in an alpine atmosphere.

This is your event – in order to make sure you exactly get what you want – we’ll plan your deluxe event in cooperation with you. You can choose from a variety of personalize and unique event options.
​Our portfolio ranges from superior hotels in the Tyrolean alps to culinary highlights in the venue of your choice, while we also take care of the accompanying program.


could take some time 😉


value for money guaranteed

Group size

as many as you wish

Physical activity




Relax and talk


Team Retreat

Breathe – deeply and take a break from your everyday life! We’ll help you to relax so you can freshly focus and start more energized into the next adventure.

Can you imagine a better scenery – sitting at the top of a mountain while your eyes wander over the valley with its buildings, while you breathe in the freshly mowed grass in absolute solitude?

You’ll be meditating to the sound of singing bowls on top the top of a mountain, be doing yoga at a lake and are going to have a tasty break with delicious food from a local supplier. Let your mind drift a little and we’ll take care of your wellbeing.


whole day


€ 245,- per person excl. tax

Group size

10 – 30 

Physical activity




Relax and talk


Projects Abroad

Tyrol is a beautiful place but there are lots of locations suitable for your company events in this world. We have already had the opportunity to organize a couple of events – beach team games in the Dominican Republic or crazy events in Las Vegas or Dubai – well organized, pure excitement and overwhelmed guests.

In cooperation with our network of partners all around the world we are your full service provider for your successful event. We take care about finding the right location, flights, transfers, reservations, meeting organisation and lots more.

We are quite experienced in this field and we are certain to also be the right partner for your event. So if you still need to be convinced – ask for our references.

Igloo Meeting

You are looking for a unique location for your presentation or talk? Is a handmade Igloo from snow and ice unique enough for that?

Let us take care about all the organizational details of your event. We provide you with the newest seminar technology, fine catering and if requested we can set up our Igloo at the location of your choice.

This event will be kept in mind – let us combine the appropriate activities such as snow events, igloo meetings, catering and partying in your individual package.

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