Intensive Team Evolution

Team development, personal development and corporate development outside of the comfort zone.

we take you outside – you feel the change
we will show you new ways – you will learn a lot of new things
we lead you into unknown areas – you experience new heights
we learn from each other – you experience a better together
we take care of everything – you take care of yourself!

Our intensive team-building program is challenging in every aspect – both physically and in terms of group dynamics. We will take you into nature and push you out of your familiar comfort zone of communication and behavior. Together, we will focus on recognizing the culture of cooperation, developing new approaches, and growing as a team. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.

During the program, you will be physically challenged as we engage in activities that test your endurance, strength, and agility. You will overcome obstacles together, master challenges, and support each other to expand your limits.

Furthermore, we will specifically work on group dynamics. Through various exercises and reflection phases, you will learn to communicate more effectively with each other, solve conflicts constructively, and build trust. You will realize the importance of sticking together as a team and how to leverage your individual strengths for the benefit of the entire team.

Be prepared to exert yourselves and step out of your comfort zone – it will definitely be rewarding!

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