Good Mood Bike

LAURA – our Good Mood Bike – arrives as the workday comes to an end. We bring you a delightful after-work drink, complete with musical entertainment and a relaxed team-building experience, right to your company. Enhance the atmosphere in a playful and sustainable manner, ensuring a positive conclusion to the workday.”

A Teambuilding Event with LAURA is perfect for supporting new teams in getting to know each other and individual employees during the onboarding process. With our Good Mood Bike, you can also spread life and good vibes within the team. As with LAURA, we not only bring you a wonderful after-work drink and musical entertainment, but also create a relaxed atmosphere for effective team building. Whether it’s at your company premises or in a nearby park – wherever you prefer. Our event includes relaxation, having a great time, and engaging activities, as well as the opportunity to bring your team closer together and strengthen communication.

LAURA can be booked for half or full-day unforgettable team building experiences around Innsbruck. Contact us via email or phone to make a reservation.

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